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Hi Everyone,

Troy here and let me just say I’m super appreciative to you for taking time out of your day to check us out. If you have gotten to this point it more than likely means, like myself, you have come to a crossroads in your life and you're looking for something that can give you more. 

If you will allow me to back up a bit here and share with you a bit about myself. I was born and raised in good ole Clark’s Harbour, Nova Scotia, Canada. Graduated from Barrington Municipal High School in 1985 and followed in the family tradition of being a commercial fisherman. Got married at 22, had 2 beautiful children come into my life whom I refer to as my Pride & Joy.

My first marriage wound up in divorce and most times that’s an unfortunate thing but both my kids say to this day, that it was for the best. They have been blessed with the fact that both their mom and dad were able to find partners that not only cared for them but took on the kids with loving arms as well.

I very much subscribe to the notion that all things happen for a reason and tho I don’t advocate for divorce, I see there are times it’s necessary. What the divorce did do, was open the door to me meeting a beautiful woman that accepted me as I was and showing me that I could be loved once again. As a result, I re-married for a second time. Thank You, Karen!!!

I have been someone, up till two years ago, who had always worked for someone else. I was blessed for the better part of my life to have decent paying jobs with great captains and bosses. Right from my twenty-eight years of fishing and my five years working in the Oil Patch of Alberta.

I am grateful for all that but truth be told, I was never in control of my own time and certainly not my earning potential. The other matter was that I had bought into the belief system that says, get good grades, get a good job, have a great work ethic and then retire. Sounded great but many years later I realized that was more myth than substance. A lot of things got left out of that story, lol.

Two years ago I finally realized that to have what I wanted in terms of time and money, ME and only ME was gonna be able to make that happen. Having enough for retirement did not exist and doing what I wanted, when I wanted, wasn’t happening either.

I was aware that a lot of people were finding their answers to the same questions and concerns, in the online world. So I thought, “if they can find something, so shouldn’t I be able to”. Well, I did, and thankfully I got involved with the system you're about to go and view.

I saw this system in March of 2017 and on the last day of May 2018, I walked away from the workforce of 33 years to do this system full time. I’m still awed even now, that in fourteen months I was able to replace my work income with this business.

Enjoy the Webinar, you're gonna love it and I look forward to connecting with you soon!

Troy Nickerson
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